We have new books! The kids were really happy with their new books.

Buguruni Breakfast Club

The Buguruni Breakfast Club Appeal 2014 is still going strong. We have managed to secure donations to cover every single day in 2014 and to all our supporters we say a massive “Thank you!”   As you will… Read More

New audiology block taking shape!

Tanzanear’s key development objective for 2014 and beyond is to assist become a Centre of Excellence for the care of deaf children in Tanzania and a facility to reach out into the deaf community to provide support thorough diagnosis… Read More

Welcome to our website!

We hope you enjoy looking at our website. It is packed full of  news, price stories, purchase pictures and all the exciting developments we constantly see at the Buguruni school and our charity, Tanzanear. Our constantly changing @tanzanear… Read More