Who we are

Who we are


Chair: Nigel Roberts

Nigel works for the Lloyd’s broker Willis Limited and has two deaf sons, both of whom have fallen in love with Buguruni School. Hamish and Cameron, Nigel’s sons, have both volunteered at Buguruni and were a huge hit with the children. Nigel has visited the school many times himself.


Treasurer: John Middleton

John has been doing independent consultancy work, mainly overseas, since leaving a senior post in a large UK government department – a job he describes as “pretty taxing but enjoyable and fulfilling”. A career spent delving around in complex financial and legal situations and in working with government in the UK and many countries around the world provide a wealth of experience which John is happy to share with us. In his spare time he enjoys golf, cooking, a collection of grandchildren and an ever-changing malt whisky collection.


Hon Sec.: Judith Roberts

Judith is married to Nigel. She is a one-woman whirlwind, Chair of Sound Seekers, a governor of Mary Hare School, night-shelter volunteer, provider of much food and drink for our committee meetings, and fundraiser extraordinaire. The first of her many planned visits to the school was in December 2008, and she has since been back many times. She climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money in January 2011, and brought in a huge amount: more than £20,000! More recently in November 2013 she trekked the Dhaulagiri Circuit in Nepal. We are all very proud of her. We are lucky that she is absolutely unstoppable, and try not to get in the way.

We also have some ‘ordinary’ members, although that term doesn’t really do them justice: Susan Pym, Georgia Phillips, Joanne Wainwright and Henning Holter.


Susan Pym

Susan Pym first encountered Tanzanear through her friends Judith and Nigel Roberts, and was thrilled to visit Buguruni School with her family, as part of the St Columba’s Mission group who in 2010 renovated the dormitory block. She has since been back several times and her son Jonathan spent part of his gap year working at Buguruni. She is a full time volunteer, working with Youth Offenders and representing the Church of Scotland on local and national committees. Susan is married to BBC Health Editor Hugh Pym and they have three children. The whole family has visited Buguruni.


Joanne Wainwright

After hearing about the Buguruni school whilst working with ex-chair of Tanzanear, Lucy Carter, Joanne wanted to support the work of the charity because of her childhood experience of a close friend with a deaf child in the family. For the last 20 years or so, Joanne has worked as a business analyst on many IT projects in private and government organizations and hopes to bring her experience of project delivery to Tanzanear and is keen to assist on the fund raising side of the charity’s work.  In her spare time, Joanne likes to bake bread, brew beer, and has recently become interested in bee-keeping. She is looking forward to making her first trip to Buguruni School in 2014.

Henning Holter

Henning Holter

Henning has led the development of a number of private-equity funded technology start-ups in the financial services sector, as well as held sales and business development roles in larger public companies. A Norwegian living in London with a Canadian wife and two children, he has worked across the US and Europe for many years. Henning joined Tanzanear in 2013.


All together ……


The committee, at a meeting on 25th February 2014.  From left to right: Nigel Roberts, Joanne Wainwright, Henning Holter, Georgia Phillips, John Middleton, Susan Pym, Liz Ellaway and Judith Roberts.